In the early summer of 1998, after wearing out three weed eaters on weeds, fence lines brush, and briars, Carletta Burrows' mother, Peggy Howard, gave her a gift certificate and said, "Go buy you a new weed eater!" Carletta started searching the classified ads for goats. After several trips to goat breeders, she bought two mix breed brush goats,"weed eaters," to help her out. Since then, the Big Oaks Ranch Goat herd has grown to over 100 head. The goats are some of our best workers. They eat weeds, briars, and brush; they keep the trees pruned, and provide organic fertilizer everywhere they graze.


The word soon spread that Big Oaks Ranch had goats. Customers came to buy the goats for pets, breeding, and for meat. This led to the TARGET GOAL of Grass Fed Boer-Cross Goats. In the spring of 2004 Carletta Burrows purchased a Boer buck for breeding. The fall and spring kidding has produced our first Bohr-Cross goats. We screened these kids, selecting the best of the females for herd nannies for selective breeding in the fall of 2005. In December 2005 Carletta purchased a registered 100% Boer Buck. He was born 10-10-2004 and is the sire for our current young nannies.  All previous bucks were sold and our young nannies have 'HERR LONESOME' as their sire. Most of our older nannies have been sold. The male withers and nannies are grazing free-range and are ready for FOR SALE by private treaty purchase or consignment by the head or by the pound (slaughter).

Rodeo Nubian herd buckAfter 2007 Carletta decided to reintroduce 'Nubian" blood into the herd to increase meat and milk production in the offspring.   "Rodeo" is our new herd buck.  He is black  with  white belly band.  He is a registered Nubian billy and sired all the spring 2009 kids.  This crop of kids will have more milk capacity, more resistance to disease and parasites, and are healthier than bohr-cross goats.  We started having babies in April 2009 and now have a large herd of nannies that are mostly Nubian with some Bohr and Spanish mix.

2009 nubian goats

Rodeo served well for 2 or 3 breeding cycles and his son Luigi took over the reins of "herd billy".

Luigi's offspring include Clara Belle, an orphan that had to be bottle fed.  Now she is a pet and waiting for her first breeding.  She is so  friendly and decided to go mountain climbing.


Luigi's herd began to increase with the following photos


Luigi retired and is now a herd wether.  He was replaced by Stinky, a Nigerian billy Big Oaks Ranch acquired in March 2015


His offspring photos follow


 This is Nellie with her 'boy' Willy.  Nellie was a premature kid  that we had to bottle feed and raise.  She is a pet and is  wonderful.  She came to me when she was in labor.  I rubbed her head and neck between contractions.  She stood and birthed Willy with Carletta helping him  to  the ground.  She is a wonderful mother.





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