The ranch runs a small herd of Black Brangus mama cows. Calving is in the fall of each year. When a calf is born, it receives a numbered ear tag, and individualized tracking begins. When the calf is six months of age each calf is vaccinated for black leg, respiratory viruses, and other standard vaccines from our local veterinarian. This promotes health, prevents illness, and maximizes the calf's performance. Sick calves result in poor quality beef products. Calves are weaned in the summer and finished on grass for slaughter at 26-33 months of age.

The TARGET GOAL of Big Oaks Ranch is to produce and market INTEGRITY BEEF. INTEGRITY BEEF is grass-fed for healthy, tender, tasty beef that is free of supplemental hormones (no growth hormone implants), antibiotic free, processed, cut and packaged for each customer.    Health benefits of Grass Fed Products  This requires a good team and close on site management of genetics, health, quality grasses and legumes. Big Oaks Ranch is achieving this goal through the organic planning; genetic testing, selective breeding, and grass farming. INTEGRITY BEEF means Organic
(not certified) Grass-fed Beef. Grass-fed beef is consigned, slaughtered & custom packaged. The customer directs their grass-fed beef by extensive conversations with me for packaging and cutting specifications.

Currently there is no packaged beef available in the ranch store.  We will update the availabilities on this site when we have some.

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Customer Comments:
Great friendly farm service, wonderful quality eggs, meat and honey.  Will always have as my healthy organic food choice for many more years to come. Pat

The best ribeyes I have ever had ... or will ever have.  Z.G.

Yes we are very happy with it (1/2 beef). I just pulled the last batch of bone broth from my canner. Our freezer is full of wonderful organic grass fed beef and our pantry now has 30 pints of nurturing broth. We are thankful to know you and be a customer.  M & E

Thank you so much!  MK

Can you put me on the wait list? Looking for a full cow, but let me know what's available. M.T.

 WE WILL PROCESS 6 total in 2024 ... 2 IN MARCH 2024 AND 4 IN NOV 2024. There will be no new customers this year (2024) and I am sorry for that. The reason is I have 2 less cows this year therefore some current customers might be rationed.  


Grass-fed steers and heifers soon for slaughter.




"CM" (Charlie Moon-black bull) is currently the herd bull. 



The Butcher Block in Gilmer TX is my new butcher.  They kill, hang, age, cut and package  Big Oaks Ranch Grassfed Beef. They are located at 815 Machen Ln, Gilmer Tx.

Directions:  Drive north from I-20 on 155/271.  In Gilmer at the 2nd red light turn left on 154. Drive 1 mile and turn right on 852 @ the farm bureau sign.  Drive .8 mile and turn right on Manchen Lane. There is a white pipe fence on the left with a green building. Go 50 yards and turn left to The Butcher Block. 

The meat is cut and packaged to individual customer's specifications and vacuum sealed as shown.

   Ribeye Steaks

    Chuckeye Steaks

    Filet Mignon Steaks

    New York Strip Steaks

   Cutlet Steaks

   Round Steaks before tenderizing

   Rump Roast

  Tri Tip Roast

  Sirloin Steak

  Brisket cut in half

  Arm Roast cut in half

Click here for proven Big Oaks Ranch recipes for grass fed beef




Grass Fed Beef health benefits
Grass Fed Beef Health Benefits.pdf

Eat Your Vaccines: mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply THIS MONTH

10 Things you need to know about DNA and RNA Vaccines for Livestock

PDF article: A Cut Above The Many Benefits of Grass-Fed Meat
A Cut Above_ The Many Benefits of Grass-Fed Meat.pdf

PDF article Glyphosate Use Increases and Resources to find Organic Products
glyphosate-use-increases-resources-organic producers.pdf
 Click on this and scroll down to the yellow highlights..

Zilmax-Slaughterhouse Observations Raise New Concerns about This Growth-Promoting Drug.pdf
 Dr Mercola has many articles that one can review concerning health issues.  This article in particular focuses on the dangers of growth hormones in cattle.

Union of Concerned Scientists, Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions 
Greener Pastures: How Grass-fed Beef and Milk Contribute to Healthy Eating (2006).  See the video please.
Full report PDF file here:  greener-pastures-full-report.pdf

The Holistic Resource Management of Texas
This website is for those with an interest in natural resources, sustainable agriculture, ecosystem health, financial success and biological diversity.

Bovine Engineering - Gerald Frye
Committed to producing high-quality, grass-finished cattle. Gerald Frye is the leading spokesman on on grass-finished cattle genetics.  This site has education and information on bull health, genetics, and fertility signs.  There is more education on linear measuring and outward appearances directly relating to glandular functions and health and milk production of your cattle.
Jo Robinson's clearing house for information about grass-fed foods. She provides comprehensive, science-based information about the benefits of raising animals on pasture.
Read here for health benefits of grass-fed beef and analyze numerous university and scientific studies concerning your health.  Health benefits of Grass Fed Products
Home of Betsy Ross's 100% Grass-fed meats.
The founder of Garden-Ville and grandfather of Texas Organics, Malcolm Beck

Joel Salatin is the editor at
PO Box 2300, Ridgeland, MS 39158, phone 800-748-9808, Fax: 601-853-8087. This is the leading technical publication for grassfed & grassland agricultural issues.

10 Things you need to know about DNA and RNA Vaccines for Livestock

Biodynamic Farming and the Legacy of Rudolf Steiner
This takes organic farming to a whole new level, even though technically it's not new, as it was first proposed a century ago. It radically boosts sustainability, and factors planetary movement into planting and harvesting times. Here's how to partake in this growing trend.  Scroll down to "You Are What You Eat" and see valuable links for resources. Big Oaks Ranch is advertised on and  Weston A Price link is VALUABLE INFORMATION.
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by Shannon Hayes, or order directly at  (scroll down the page a bit to see this book)


Greener Pastures
How Grass-fed Beef and Milk Contribute to Healthy Eating (2006);  This is a PDF file you can open and save for filing or printing.


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