One pound jar (16oz) = $10.00

From BEE SWARMS to extraction -- The Big Oaks Ranch Apiary

Our bees are in the garden for pollination of the vegetables

Every year we usually catch 1-2 swarms

Our ranch has about 30-40 acres of arrowhead white clover ..... the best honey!


Mr. Dick Counts of the East Texas Bee Keepers Association

Members may use his facility to extract the wonderful honey

Raw pure honey ready for bottling

Figgy honey jars
Figgy Honey topping and dessert

Take ripe figs and trim and blend in a blender to make a fig must "mush".  Cook the must and let warm. Pour in honey (1/2 and 1/2, or 1/3 honey and 2/3 fig must) to your taste. Put into jars and put into a water bath to lightly boiling. Take jars out and let the lids seal "pop".  Store on the shelf.  It is pourable onto oatmeal, pancakes, waffles.  It can be mixed with peanut butter. It can be mixed as a topping for cake or pies.  YUMMY!!

figgy honey video.mp4


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