Hay for Sale.

Mostly Coastal Bermuda with mix of bahia and common bermuda. I do not put chemicals or poisons on my hay field. I am getting earthworm castings back, approximately 8-10 per square yard of pasture. I counted 6 fire ant hills this Spring when I mowed the 60 acres. This hay field's natural nutrients were depleted after years of row crops, then it was made into a pasture, then it was sprigged with coastal bermuda grass. As the hay was cut and removed the nutrients left. They used chemicals to continue raising the hay. Bahia has encroached. In 1999 I used herbicides, but have terminated all chemicals, poisons, and herbicides. These have been replaced with chicken litter, lime, liquid organic micro-organisms fed with molasses. My soil is slowly coming back. We have been totally organic since 2000.

Large round bales - $50.00 per bale in the pasture this year.  (Coastal & Bahia mix)  $55.00 from my hay pen after I move them from the hay field.  




Square bales (horse quality, coastal bermuda) $7.00 behind the baler in the pasture, $8.00 out of my hay loft.  I have hay in the loft.  Call to check on availabilities.  


Call to purchase Square Bales of coastal bermuda hay